I provide consulting services and hands-on development across a range of embedded/unattended/remote system challenges. Please contact me if I may be of service in any the following areas:

  • Remote Device Management: over-the-air updates, device configuration
  • System Monitoring: logging, telemetry, alerting, autonomous recovery
  • Constrained Networks: reliable messaging, integrity checks, throttling, and resumable downloads
  • Software Systems Integration: middleware development with REST, Web Sockets, MSMQ, and SOAP
  • Software/Hardware Collaboration: interaction with sensors and microcontrollers over RS232, USB, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, and WiFi
  • Security: lock down HMI devices, protecting data at rest an in transit
  • Cross-Platform Solutions: flexible solutions using .NET Core, Electron, and Cordova
  • Debugging: diagnose problems involving multiple systems, processes, and threads
  • Recruiting: job candidate technical screening
  • Documentation and Training: promote your technology with solid support materials

Industries and Applications:

  • Retail Point of Sale, Kiosks
  • Medical Devices (up to FDA Class II)
  • Internet of Things (IoT), Sensor Networks
  • Industrial Automation
  • Home Automation